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Alfred Jingle

I am Alfred Jingle of No Hall, Nowhere. I managed to become a friend of Mr Pickwick without him ever knowing it. I have been variously described as a snake in the grass, diabolical, nefarious, disinterested, talkative, idle, less than scrupulous and curious. I am also referred to as a songster, imbiber par excellence and outwardly most polite. True I did lay siege to Rachael Wardle and falsely allege that Tupman, (who was at that time her boyfriend) was only interested in her money, so that I could befriend her. I even borrowed 10 from Tupman never intending to repay it. I also got a marriage licence for myself and Rachael but was caught by her brother Jem Wardle who gave me 120 compensation to leave his sister alone. Eventually I fell on hard times and pawned all my possessions. and despite the benign Mr Pickwick almost attacking me in anger, he redeemed all my clothes from the pawnbroker. Eventually I sailed to Demerara together with Job Trotter (passage paid for of course by Mr Pickwick) and eventually became a worthy member of society. In the Manchester Pickwick Club I am the respected and greatly feared Fines Master.