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Jack Hopkins

Greetings, I am Jack Hopkins; you will find me in Chapter 32 of The Pickwick Papers.

Here is where I first met Mr Pickwick, we had been invited to a bachelor party at the lodgings of Mr Bob Sawyer and Mr Ben Allen in Lant Street in the Borough.

I know Mr Bob Sawyer and Mr Ben Allen from Bartholomew’s Hospital where we are all medical students.

When I arrived at the lodgings, (late I must say), Mr Pickwick, his friend Mr Snodgrass, Ben Allen and Bob Sawyer where just getting over an encounter with Bob Sawyer’s landlady Mrs Raddle something about outstanding rents.

The reason for my being late that day was a rather good accident brought into the casualty ward, a man had fallen out of a four pair of stairs’ window, Mr Pickwick asked if the man would make fair recovery?, no I replied, my be a chance after tomorrow’s operation when Slasher had had a go, Mr Pickwick asked if Mr Slasher was a good operator, I said “Best alive”.

He took a boy’s leg out of the socket last week, the boy ate five apples and a gingerbread cake, exactly two minutes after the operation.

Mr Pickwick thought this was astonishing,

“That was nothing” replied Mr Bob Sawyer.

I then told them at the party about a curious accident the night before.

A child was brought in who had swallowed a necklace,

“Swallowed what?” asked Mr Pickwick.

“A necklace” I told him, “not all at once you understand, he swallowed them over some day’s, his father could not understand when he heard is son rattle when he walked, he rushed him to Hospital and we are waiting for things to come through”.

I was also late for the party because I had to go home and change into my black velvet waistcoat with the Thunder-and-lightning buttons, my blue striped shirt with the white false collar.

I am JACK HOPKINS medical student.